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Solve your business challenges with help from a hand-picked panel of experts

'Meet the experts' is a tailored workshop with hand-picked top-of-the-line experts who match the exact challenges that your company is facing. Take a deep dive into possible solutions during these lightning expert sessions for a fraction of the cost of full-time consultants.

Meet the experts


Get acces to a wide range of domain experts with more than 10 years of relevant experience.


Use as little as 2 hours to deep dive into pressing challenges, meet experts, and start tackling your problems.



Flextribe facilitates the workshop(s) to make sure we deliver actionable outcomes.

A client from the FincTech industry wanted a new end-to-end innovation process in place within a year.

The task included internal stakeholder interviews across multiple countries with the purpose of mapping the as-is process, and to gather strong signals about how to better design and implement the to-be process.

Flextribe found two experts who had deep experience with FinTech, innovation, and digital transformation. 

Case Study

Digital Transformation in FinTech

We then arranged a clarification and strategy workshop with the purpose of understanding the client needs as well as visualising a preliminary process for the entire project. 

The workshop ended up having a profound impact on the framing of the process and understanding of the core challenges.

Start by defining a key challenge where you need expert advice. It could be a specific project which needs scoping or a theme such as Digital Transformation, Robotics, AI, IoT, or Big Data.

1. Define your challenge

2. We'll source the experts

3. Leap-jump to a solution

Flextribe will scout and assemble the most relevant team of experts, spanning across technical areas and management consultants - based on YOUR challenge.

During a two to four hours workshop, you will get specific advice, share experiences from other companies, and leap-jump ahead to a solution/action plan to address your challenge.

3 steps to solving your key challenges

Let us find the right experts for your challenges

Define your challenge below and let's talk about how we might help you.